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Individual therapy is unique to each person, and is something that Dr. Mack will tailor according to your needs, values, and goals. Often, the first several weeks in individual therapy are spent in collaboration, as well as trust building. It is vital that you feel understood, and that you also feel comfortable sharing what you are genuinely struggling with. Without those factors, it is difficult for therapy to be successful.

Once rapport has been established, more next steps include developing specific goals and outcomes that you are seeking. Although clients’ may at first feel tentative about the ideas of “goals” in therapy, they really are a backbone and personal map to healing and getting better. In this process, we will narrow down specific approaches (see Patient Education) that are in alignment with your symptoms.

Since individual therapy is a highly personal endeavor, it is important that you feel a match with me as your psychologist. If for some reason, it is not, due to either my training and clinical expertise, or your comfort level, resources are always available. Referrals to other therapists may sometimes be needed to produce a productive and positive outcome.

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