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The intake is the first appointment, which is an opportunity to get to know you, and the concerns you are wanting to address in counseling and therapy. It usually consists of going over your reasons for seeking help, your current symptoms (both physical and emotional), as well as your basic day to day experiences. It also includes an opportunity to begin discussing your family history, social history (marriage, relationships), and health history.

The intake evaluation is also an opportunity for Dr. Mack to gain a diagnostic snapshot of what might be indicated for next steps in treatment. This may be as simple as short term counseling for adjustment related stress, or more intensive psychotherapy to address traumatic stress. For some folks, psychological testing may be suggested to gain clarity on a specific diagnosis for a referral for a medication evaluation. Above all, the intake evaluation is an opportunity for you to ask Dr. Mack questions, understand a provisional diagnosis, and discern what you hope to accomplish from psychotherapy or testing.

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